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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I just finished Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and would have to say that it was worth the $12 I paid for it at Samís Club.


If you are looking for a fast, somewhat interesting take on President Lincoln, this could be your book. My main issue with it was that it seemed to drag at times as it explained what was going on, using diary entries, intermixed with the narration of the author.

Also while the author gave a plausible explanation of how and why, he spent so much time in the beginning of the story, I felt let down at the limited amount of time spent in the Civil War. That being said, Grahame-Smith opens the door to obvious sequels with a twist or two at the end. The twist and outcome I disagree with, based on what the author spent so much effort on earlier in the book Ė but it was interesting no less.

On the plus side, take out the Vampire part and you have a decent enough look at the President and his life. It even has the rocker that Donald mentions in yesterdayís post.

Keeping the Vampire part in, it gives a good story of Vampires in America Ė much better than the Twilight garbage that is out there.

All in all, buy it and enjoy it as the work of fiction it is. Letís just hope people donít pull a DaVinci Code on it and start believing that this truly happened.

If you havenít seen the trailer yet, check it out.


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