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Thursday, August 10, 2006

So the divorce between the city of North Charleston and the Noisette company is final. As I mentioned in the previous post, North Charleston will get land specifically for the proposed Hunley museum but Noisette will be allowed input into the design and construction of the building.

I can see where some jumped to the conclusion that there could be some crazy things happening due to this clause but I am not too sure if any will.

So far the only thing Noisette has been able to do in close to 5 years is almost build a riverfront park using taxpayer’s money. The original completion date was July, yet they are still not completely finished.

It was also reported that Noisette took out a nearly 30 million loan to help jumpstart the redevelopment process. Not sure how much this will help them as it has been estimated that they will need closer to 200 million to complete.

I did happen to take my children to the park this past week and while it was very pretty, it was overrun by mosquitoes – even in the bathrooms. My children had a blast as they hunted the dozen or so who followed us into the car.

If the bugs are still this bad when/if the Hunley museum opens up, I doubt there will ever be repeat visitors. People will be too scared of the dang things!


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