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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pinstripe Press and I seemed to have had the same worry on Thursday – The Museum of the Confederacy and its ongoing monetary problems.

Unfortunately we seem to differ on what can be done by the average citizen. To quote his posting on the MOC:

“…so I am screaming it... “SHAME ON YOU!”

It doesn't help. I'm angry because I feel helpless. I don’t have a few hundred thousand laying around or I would contribute something... maybe I should go chain myself to the doors? Pickett the hospital with a sign? Write another letter? My point is that I really CAN'T do anything. None of us can.”

I have to respectfully disagree with the conclusion that “none of us can” do anything.

All you have to do is visit the Lance Armstrong Foundation to see the impact of a lot of small, individual donations. Those little yellow “LiveStrong™” wristbands are currently worn by 55 million people, each bought at $1 a piece, the proceeds of which go to the foundation.

Take a look at Room to Read, a nonprofit started by one man - John Wood, who while hiking in Nepal visited a poor school with an almost empty library. The few books they had were kept locked up because books were so valuable. As he left, a young student asked if next time he visited, could he bring back some books. He sent an email out to his friends asking for donations so he could just that and ended up bringing back over 3000 books. John went on to quit a very successful job with Microsoft and founded Room to Read which to date has constructed 197 schools, established 2,565 libraries, 60 computer labs, 20 language labs and given over 1.1 million English language books.

My point is, we all can do something and do it easily and painlessly by spending a little less on our normal “fun” money and instead become a member or just plain donate directly to MOC.

You can have an impact and it can be great; you just need to choose to do it.

To learn more about membership in The Museum of theConfederacy, click here
To learn more about donating to The Museum of the Confederacy, click here


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