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Thursday, February 26, 2009

In my first post, I suggested reading the comments of the story about the closing of CSA galleries. It was a rather normal back and forth argument between two groups, arguing over the “Lost Cause”/ “Heritage not Hate” vs. the evil Carpet Bagging Northerners.

That was until I read this one comment that really hit home on what the true heritage of the Confederacy really is.

It's no surprise that many of you don't understand that many black people hate and discontent with the flag has nothing to do with Slavery.

The hurt, hate and discontent these days comes from the KKK using the flag when they torture my great grandmother, great grand father, my grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, aunts, uncle, cousin and I during the 1900's.

Those pains are still around and people like me who were raised on James Island, and did not have equal rights when it came to the law carries the scares. That is why the flag offends me.

I was not around for slavery and none of my family members I know or meet was either.

Do you know how it feels to 8 years old, black and having a good friend that is white he comes an play with you when his mother visit, and then to find out that his big brother and father think of you as the N word and actually call you it in your face. That's the kind of pain that sticks with you for life.
Let it go, thats easy for someone who don't have to go through it to say. It still goes on, but behind your back.


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