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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Today I read an article which stunned me.

Simply put, The Museum of the Confederacy was hoping for a $700,000 grant from the state of Virginia for operating expenses and instead received $50,000. Less than 10% of what was asked/expected and it puts them in a deep hole and could cause major problems in keeping the museum open. Yes, I had heard of this last month but the consequences pointed out in the article is what stunned me

See, the museum is considered a treasure trove, to quote the article –

The museum is known nationwide for its “irreplaceable collections,” says Conover Hunt, executive director of the Historic Richmond Foundation. Unlike other Civil War museums, the Museum of the Confederacy received many of its artifacts directly from veterans and their families, Hunt says.

And although no one will confirm, rumors are flying that the museum may need to sell some of it’s artifacts to stay afloat. Heck the Executive Director said it might happen last year but most felt it was an empty threat.

While it is fairly common for a museum to sell to other museums, it is becoming more common for individuals to outbid museums and take it into private collections – far away from the public eye. Some of the Civil War’s most prized possessions could very well disappear.

You may think this is over blowing the situation but read up on the world of nonprofits and their funding and you will see it is a rational conclusion. It is the nature of the beast, in order to run a nonprofit; you are always looking for ways to get money in and keep your organization going. And in a situation like this, every dollar counts – heck every penny counts.

So what can you and I do to help out?

Simple - this month don’t buy a book on the Civil War. Instead save your money and help out the museum by becoming a member or just flat out donate a few bucks.

If you live outside of the Richmond area, a membership only costs $30 - about the price of the last few books I bought! Instead, just read some of the older books you have.

If you don’t want to become a member or donate and just have to buy something, try out the market place at Benevolink where by following this link a portion of every purchase will go to the museum.

I encourage you to help save this landmark institution – stop reading this blog and become a member. If you are a fellow blogger, help me on this noble cause and let your readers know too!

But then come back and read the blog some more, don’t stay away too long - I'll get lonley.

To learn more about membership in The Museum of theConfederacy, click here
To learn more about donating to The Museum of the Confederacy, click here
To use the Benevolink market place, click here


And may I add...if you want to support the MOC and still purchase great Civil War books and other items, check out the Museum's Haversack Store at 100% of all sales go back to supporting the MOC.

Posted by Yancey at Monday, February 26, 2007 20:20:59

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