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Friday, March 14, 2008

Hey guys, I wish I could figure out who this Douglas character is that CWI keeps referring to when they review Touch the Elbow in their weekly Blog roundup. Weve got to keep a closer watch on the Blog, because Douglas keeps slipping things in when were not looking. And Tom, youre getting too worked up about the 50 Greatest Civil War books of all time. Give credit to Ken Burns for resurrecting interest in the Civil War, because close to half the books on the list (23) were written after his series appeared on PBS, including ten that were published after 2000. Remember, its comparable to picking the greatest NBA or NFL players of all time, or even the greatest Rock n Roll ever recorded. New players or bands come along and you tend to forget the old guys or songs, because you never saw them play, or heard them being played, or maybe never even knew they existed.


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