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Friday, January 25, 2008

Not sure if you have seen this commercial for HP or not but it says something that hits home, it can be downright hard to be inspired.

So yes I have gone for a bit - but worse, I’ve actually written posts while never putting them up – just didn’t feel like they were right for the time. Now, I’m starting to feel like writing again, so I will.

It has been nice to see several welcome backs from our various blogging friends, it is good to know when one is missed.

Today, I leave you with something humorous – tomorrow or the Monday something that I am sure will cause a stir.

A stir is exactly what we need to welcome us back - nothing like coming back with a vengeance.

Tom’s humorous (at least to him) tale of building a house. Part One

I am building a house. I thought it would be a short, easy process, I was a bit off.

Almost five months ago I closed on my lot. I was told within two months ground would be broken. The builder was a bit off, it took four months.

A few weeks ago, I made my weekly pilgrimage to my lot, expecting to see nothing but dirt but was pleasantly surprised to see something else.

Now, one of the nice things the Builder does is put a sign up saying who is building the house and for what wonderful family it is being built for. And that day my sign was up. So I decided to take a picture.

This is the picture of my sign.

Here is a picture of my sign and the surrounding area.

The only thing I could think of was that I hope this wasn’t a “sign” of how bad things would be during the process. Feel free to insert your own bathroom humor here.

To be fair, the builder did move the Port-a-Potty a bit away from the sign. They have also made good progress over the last few weeks, with the foundation and cement block garage walls (that the house will sit on) already up.

See you soon and bring your pitchfork when you come back. For those of you that went to school in South Carolina, the previous statement is a hint of things to come….


Looks great Tom. Blue is a nice color.

Posted by Doug O. at Friday, January 25, 2008 18:55:42

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