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Friday, January 05, 2007

A little over a month ago I mentioned finding some information that helps clear General James Barnes from an article by Al M Gambone on General Samuel K. Zook titled, DATE WITH DESTINY ... and DISTORTION: The death of Union General Samuel K. Zook, which itself was based on his book, …if tomorrow night finds me dead… The Life of General Samuel K. Zook.

I contacted Al, asking if he remembered anything else that might help me clearing up Jimmy’s name and although he told me he didn’t off hand, he offered to send my a copy of his book. Not only did he send it to me right away - he wrote a really nice inscription too.

At this point I want to give Al a big PUBLIC THANK YOU!

Although he didn’t remember off hand – his book just made my day. Specifically pages 42 – 44 and a few endnotes that go along with it.

Jimmy is going to be cleared of some major injustice and in large part due to Al and his book. I have a bit more work but this little bit goes a very long way!

Do me a favor and help me thank him by buying his book or one of his many others.

Before finding these specific pages, I did my normal thumb-through to preview the book. It has some great maps and lots of pictures of the cast of characters and the stages they played on. Plus the writing I have read so far has been top notch. I especially like how Al – for the most part – starts with the battle that leads to Zook’s death, works his way back in the war and then goes to what happens after the war. (Donald – I told you starting with the end could work for the 18th).

Need more prompting? Both Frank A O’Reilly and John J Hennessy have quotes of support that appear on the jacket.


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