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Friday, December 23, 2016

Even though we haven’t posted in very long time, we still get contacted – which means folks are still reading. We, though, have not been writing.

Which is a shame since we have still been active.

During our break, research has continued. We have found more letters; more items related to the 18th, expanded out database and did a few other things. Heck, Donald and I even met for a visit to Gettysburg. I’ve gotten pretty deep into Citadel History and have spent a lot of time on that. We have kept up with the current events of Civil War history – and as a resident of the Charleston area – the impact it had on the Mother Emanuel shooting. So, we didn’t entirely disappear.

Recently, a friend of mine decided to start a web design business and I took him up on a offer to redesign and update our site. I didn’t realize how dated it had become until I looked at it in comparison with some other sites. At the same time, I started a Masters of History program. While the course I took last semester had nothing to do with the Civil War, the next one will have a peripheral view as I look at the History of the American military.

With both of these events, I thought I would start up again and perhaps broaden the blog by also posting about the courses I take, Citadel notes, along with the normal Civil War history. A bit more free flowing on the thoughts – but still centered around the Civil War.

At one point we had a pretty good following, doubt we will get it again – but we shall be posting more frequently.


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