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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Note: the 18th Mass. continued to reside in unhealthy climes near Gaines Mills

All in the regiment, excepting those who had just come off or were going on guard duty, were trotted off into the swamps to chop down trees with which to corduroy roads. The number of mosquitoes were thankfully reduced by the coolness of a "good breeze," but all were hoping to be back in camp before the swarms increased toward dark. "It is not very pleasant work in the swamps at night. The mosketoes are plenty and hungry, regular blood suckers." Still there was a certain amount of beauty in the swamps which were filled with magnolia trees and the sweet scent of their blossoms.

Those other blood suckers, better known as Sutlers, had run into difficulties of their own as a large number of them, including the 18th's own, S.S. Mann, along with his son, were now reported to be guests of the Confederates. Though the charred remains of Mann's empty wagon had been located no one in the 18th's camp was shedding any tears. "There is not much sympathy for sutlers as their prices are terribly high."


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