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This is the archive for August 2009

Saturday, August 01, 2009

One of the best parts of living in Charleston is being able to look just about anywhere to see history all around.

Case in point, this week my wife and I did a little staycation as a getaway from it all. We stayed at a nice hotel on the Ashley River. At the top of the hotel is a nice restaurant with a beautiful view of the river and the Charleston skyline. As we sat and ate, we could see over some buildings, out into the harbor and in the distance - to the fabled Fort Sumter. Looking at the picture below, it looks like a pancake in the middle of the harbor.

Fort Sumter in the distance

Of course, then there is the made up history that is all about the South. Like this restaurant that is built to look like a fort but named California Dreaming.

Because nothing says dreaming about California like a fake fort built in the seat of the Rebellion.

Dreaming of California in fake fort

Of course this is where I would normally take pot shots at the Lost Cause, the Confederate Battle Flags, Slavery wasn't the main cause of the Civil War, Heritage not Hate and a host of other things. But I have not had enough coffee today to even begin....