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This is the archive for November 2011

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Note: if you haven't read the post yet, please see "Finding Private Anderson" which appeared on Thursday, October 27th and which provides background to today's post.

Here are some exciting developments that have come to light in the past two days in connection with Civil War Medal of Honor recipient Frederick C. Anderson's capture of the 27th South Carolina's battle flag at the Second Battle of Weldon Railroad.

We've learned the Medal of Honor still survives and is in the possession of Anderson's great-granddaughter Cecilia. We've also learned that the captured flag was auctioned in 1996 for a winning bid of $72,000 and is currently on display in a museum south of the Washington, DC area. A visit is planned in three weeks.

For those of you who may happen to be in the Dighton, Massachusetts area on Veterans Day, there will a late morning graveside ceremony at the Dighton Community Church Cemetery to honor Frederick Anderson. It just so happens that I had already planned to be in the area on Veterans Day before this story broke. I'd say that's a pretty darned amazing coincidence.