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This is the archive for February 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

After a twelve year hiatus I figured it was time to once again take the “John Wilkes Booth Escape Tour” sponsored by the Surratt Society. The tour is a twelve hour journey through Washington, southern Maryland, and across the Potomac into Virginia, which traces Booth’s flight from Ford’s Theater to Garrett’s Farm. The Society was offering three separate spring tours, two in April and a third in May. I mailed in my registration form and check a week after tickets went on sale. A few days ago I received the bad news that all three dates were booked solid. The consolation was that my name would go on a waiting list in the event there were cancellations. I’m also on a waiting list for one of two tours scheduled for the fall.

Okay. Next stop the competition. The Smithsonian had their own Escape tour dates set for May 15th and June 7th. I figured with the price, twice that of the Surratt Society, I could probably squeeze into a seat on their bus. Fat chance. Sold out, as is every Ed Bearss led Civil War related tour between February 28th’s “Civil War at Kelly’s Ford and Bristoe Station” and August 2nd’s “Mr. Lincoln’s Civil and Political Washington.”

Not to worry though, I have tickets safely under lock and key for an Anthony “They Shot Papa Dead” Pitch led tour of Lincoln assassination Washington hot spots in April.