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This is the archive for June 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006

I’d like to give a big thank you to SC Hotline.

It’s a neat website that I read daily, that pulls together the best South Carolina political news on the web. Yesterday they placed a link to “What if you threw an election and nobody came?” and the response was tremendous. If you happen to live in SC or hoping/worried that Senator Lindsey Graham is going to run for President, I would highly recommend taking a look.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The blog received a great honor this past week.

Civil War Interactive has bestowed upon Touch the Elbow with the CWI Recommended Blog award. CWI has long had some of the most sought after awards in the Civil War community.

Receiving an award for this blog within the first two weeks of the creation of it was a great achievement indeed.

While reviewing the site, the following really made us smile, “His post of 6/12 called "How should we hate the Hate groups?" is one of the best we've read on the subject. He makes an excellent case that the "ignore them and they'll go away" policy doesn't work, and can have some peculiar side effects in unlikely areas.”

A big thank you to Joe Avalon and his staff at Civil War Interactive for thinking so highly of us.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Today has been one heck of a crazy day. The site’s hit count has gone through the roof. So big, it is currently ranked 3rd in the Civil War Top 100 sites.

Looking at the referrers, it has been all over the map. We have had four blog sites welcome us to the fold - Stike the Tent, behind AotW, Rantings of a Civil War Historian and American Civil War Gaming and Reading Blog. All were nice of enough to devote an enrty provide links to the site

Another cool link was from a web site called Stumble Upon, where you download a toolbar, create some settings and press a button that randomly brings you to a site. Pretty neat and I found some amazing History sites out there.

Thanks to everyone for making this a success. Remember, subscribe to the RSS feed and click the ads. It’s painless and helps keep the blog going!

And most of all, don't forget to come back.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

So what is this whole blog thing anyway? In its simplest definition, it’s an online journal. In this case it is an easy way for the web guys of and co-Authors of “The Civil War Research Guide” to communicate on a regular basis to you, our audience.

You could ask, isn’t that what the website itself is for, and the answer would be “Yes but it’s not as easy for us or you.”

By doing the blog we are able to just throw some thoughts out with ease and not have to come up with a specific page or all of the weird html code to make it look nice. Needless to say, in the last week there have been more updates to the blog than we have in the past three years on the website itself.

So what is planned? Well, we are still shaking it all out but we do hope to continue to update often and with specific categories in mind. Already Civil War News of the Week has been a huge hit, so expect that at least weekly. Since we just happened to write a book on researching the Civil War we have some “Adventures in Researching” planned out and of course tips and tricks to help you in your adventures. Finally, we will throw random thoughts here and there as the mood hits us.

What do we hope from you? Well three small things –
1. Comments! Let us know what you think and what you think about what we are sharing. You can also contact us directly via our main page if you would like to speak privately.

2. Click on the ads to the right– its painless for you and helps us in our cause to save Civil War history. Take a look at our lost history to see just how expensive it can be.

3. Subscribe to our RSS feed. With the help of some free RSS reader software, you can subscribe to this blog and get the updates sent to you automatically. If you need more information on RSS feeds, please see Cyndi’s page on blogs.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you again soon.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


No, this is not my impression of a pirate – it’s my never ending frustration of the lost history of Edmund Churchill. If you have not read about it yet, check out Lost History and learn why I would be so frustrated. But that is normal, why am I more so than normal?

Well, I did just what we suggest in the Civil War Research Guide, use the internet on a frequent basis to search for new information on the unit and its soldiers. Last night I was taking a break from rebuilding the site and creating this blog, when I found some more of my Great-Great Grandfather’s stuff for sale.

For just $1200 I could own my family's stuff again. Great deal isn’t it? On the bright side I was able to find a picture of him after the war when he was a bit older and was able to crop it for below.

Although you won’t always like what you find, often times something cool will come out of it.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sci-Fi fans may recognize the title from something a Vorlon once said concerning the start of war in the future. It is with a bit of irony that I use it as title for the beginning of our new website, complete with a blog, concerning a group of men who fought in a war so long ago.

In the future, we will have postings that actually deal with the unit or the war. For now, let’s just say we will be back soon….

From deep in the heart of the rebellion